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SheerVideo compresses your videos quickly, and you need not renouncing on quality.



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Especially the DVD -, video - and film industry was revolutionized by the compression of digital data. The disadvantage of this is that the movies without quality losses are to get small. This was the case at least once, because today there is SheerVideo. This is a video codec, which makes half the size the video material. With this free program you must no longer waive the quality. SheerVideo not saves while the space, but the quality. So, you have the opportunity to enjoy your videos to the fullest. You can take the gained space for example with an additional video.

SheerVideo compresses the data from your video without it deleting information. SheerVideo is also excellent as an alternative to Cineon and D1. SheerVideo converts the image and sound information in real time in a space-saving format. This software plays ideally together with any popular video editing program. Therefore, you need also nothing to worry about, SheerVideo is not compatible with any of your other programs. Also, SheerVideo preserves the full resolution of your output data. This program shows its absolute benefits which you will be enthusiastic about during the trial period. Finally you want to want not on the quality but consume so little storage space as possible.

The advantage of this program is clearly obvious. You save half of the previously occupied space use of SheerVideo. A 10-gigabyte video is reduced thanks to SheerVideo to a size of 4.5 gigabytes. If you think that this affects the quality, you will pleasantly disappointed. The entire viewing and listening pleasure remains friends namely with SheerVideo. You can then again occupy the gained space with other files such as videos or movies, for example. The use of SheerVideo is completely free for you. You have also the opportunity to test this great program for twenty days. During this time, you can try this program with all its highlights. Use the time, and you'll see how easy is to use this program.

Improvements at a glance

• 20 Day trial period
• Fast compression of your videos
• Save half of your space
• Plays together with other video editing programs
• Videos are converted into a space-saving format
• The entire listening and viewing experience is maintained

What operating system do you need?

All additional functions to be able to use, you need the operating system Windows XP, 2000 / ME/98SE or Windows of 98 SheerVideo, you can 20 days free trial and enjoy the highlights.

Description of the version: SheerVideo

With SheerVideo in version 2.8, you can encode movies professionally and decode. The program is designed for high data rates and succeed in the new version the conversion from RGB (film and CGI) on Y' Y'CbCr (video) quickly and without color gaps. You can use different formats and quality levels with the 2.8 version and convert: such as DVCPro HD, DV-25, MPEG, H. 264, AVC and HDV.

The main features of SheerVideo in the version 2.8

• Updated, innovative and error-resistant color-conversion technology.
• New program structure for faster editing.
• More versatile options and capabilities.
• Now available for Mac and Windows can be used.

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