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  • Windows 3.9.9

SharePod 3.9.5 goal was to be able to use the iPod without iTunes, and it has been fully achieved.



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Use your iPod without iTunes.

Technological innovations bring new opportunities has always been: the MP3 format has made possible such as the digital storage of music has. But those who called his own a player such as the iPod, needs the iTunes software to fill your iPod with music. Unless you know SharePod. This freeware allows you to copy music and videos from and to your iPod and thus share pod is more than just a successful alternative. Thanks to strong support of another programmer the capabilities for your iPod touch and iPhone have been exposed, however, this solution is installed on the PC. For all other applications run SharePod directly onto the iPod.

Drag ´ n drop you can pull over your songs and videos from the Explorer onto the iPod in. You can also add playlists, edit, and delete. No problem is also looking at photos and a back-up like with SharePod. And the opposite way works the same way, which means that you can pull drop iPod files from your n via drag ´ on the PC, directly in the Explorer. An existing iTunes library it accepts the data without any problems, and this applies to playlists as well as for reviews. SharePod allows editing of tags, so the additional information stored to a MP3 file. You can edit both the title and the artist at any time with SharePod.

The interface of SharePod is very simple and clear. Not rocket science, but logical and comprehensible in all steps. The program is appropriately small and can be quickly installed by you. The developers have emphasis, that SharePod provides exactly what you, what you need. Unnecessary functions and unnecessary bells and whistles has been waived for SharePod completely. Simple, fast and effective, a good application must be just so. SharePod has and thats all, and if you have tried the software, you will certainly confirm this.

Features of SharePod:

• free freeware
• for iPod and iPhone
• copy files from iPod to PC and vice versa
• simple drag ´ n drop function
• current version 3.9.5 is compatible with latest iTunes version
• support for iPod touch and iPhone Windows installation

About SharePod

The software is available as a real freeware and provides a full replacement for the iTunes software. Fill videos from your PC and thus each iPod even without iTunes with music can be: the software offers a real alternative.

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