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Shape collage lets you create individual collages with just a few mouse clicks.



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Shape Collage

If you want to create collages with little effort for many different reasons, then shape is exactly the right program for you collage: you can with this useful helpers your imagination free rein.

When creating collages from different photos and images you had to go to the often time: the individual motifs had to be loaded and painstakingly cut out, then in a further step, and in an extra window to add them together. Those days are over with shape collage: this small program is designed exclusively for the production of collagen and provides you a fast and effective work.

After you've opened the program, you have to put all images, which should become part of the collage, drag-and drop in the program field - either individually or in conjunction with the complete folder. You select a form, then set how the frames together to close. In addition to the forms - set square, heart-shaped or round - you can use the text function to arrange your images in letter form. Here are the alphabets of various languages, as well as special characters and symbols available. You want it, however, individually, then use the custom-shape option from shape collage: This opens a window in which you think custom shapes like in a paint program - then the images are arranged exactly according to this shape. Also image files can be loaded using this function, and it can be used.

With the useful Preview button, you can display the result in the Central preview window you and check whether the collage does meet your needs. With just one more click of the mouse, shape collage creates the desired subject in accordance with the selected criteria.

Description of the version: Shape Collage

For the latest version 2.5.3, shape developers have again thoroughly revised collage and improved. Several new languages have been added, including German. You can now customize the size of the program window, new forms for your collages have also been integrated. Especially on the performance programmers have screwed firmly: up to 100 times faster creation of particularly large motifs now goes out of hand. Several small bugs have been fixed - a total is therefore a highly recommended update.

Shape collage 2.5.3 offers following improvements

• New languages, including German
• The main window can be resized
• New forms were added to
• Better performance for work up to 100 times faster
• Various additional enhancements and bug fixes

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