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The shadow scanner is very suitable for those who want to protect their systems from attacks.



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Shadow Security Scanner

Your operating system is threatened by the connectivity to the Internet potentially by a number of viruses, Trojans and phishing programs. If you're online today with your computer or on your local network, it therefore strongly advised to protect you effectively. Perhaps what points your system of malware provides and what you have to bear in mind is not clear you. The shadow-scanner security program would be the ideal partner for you in this task. The software taking the perspective of the attacker and wonder where your system provides a way for the attack. This is also the approach of the security experts, because only so can be ruthlessly revealing gaps in the security system. Scanner shadow has all the functions that are necessary to identify the vulnerabilities of your system. Leave the advanced shadow scanner to analyze your system and to advise you in the further steps of improving your safety. You'll be amazed what can find the program.

The shadow scanner is also interesting for you, if you use your own server. You may have make elaborate analyses of the ports, the firewall, and other security relevant places in the system with the shadow scanners for a wide variety of server types. Just as a server operator, you must not neglect the security aspect.

With the shadow-scanner, it is even possible to uncover errors in your hardware configuration, from the security problems can arise. You'll quickly see that scanner shadow is a really comprehensive security concept and will not let you down.

Other features of the shadow-scanner:

• Solaris, FreeBSD, OpenBSD and net BSD are supported
• detects all common server protocols
• Open activeX architecture
• Report function
• Export to XML or PDF
• Configuration Wizard

The development of the shadow-scanner

The security software shadow scanner is being developed by the company safety-lab. The shadow-scanner has been adapted since the year 2005 on the market, and since then on all major developments in the area of security. So the software can deal with current threats and effectively protect your system. Try the shadow scanner and download the trial down right here. The program is run on all your versions of Windows (Win98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP), but also on UNIX and Linux systems as well as many others.

Description of the version: Shadow Security Scanner

Shadow security scanner especially impresses with its precise and rapid analysis of system-related files. It provides vulnerable cleanup solution-oriented possibilities. Based on an innovative concept of analysis, the safety check permeates entire server in all modifications. Without loss of quality and safety, he waits with an easy to use editor which allows the user to take targeted and time-saving in the analysis and to allow only certain parts of the system to the test.

The main features and benefits of the shadow security scanner

• Safety testing by more than 4,000 files
• Enormous speed and precision thanks to patented system of security analysis
• Simultaneous check of proxy servers possible

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