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The benchmarking tool ShaderMark tests the exact shader performance of your graphics card.



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ShaderMark is a high-performance benchmarking tool for your graphics card. No matter if ATI or NVIDIA: ShaderMark you can test the actual pixel-shader performance of your card in no time.

If you use your computer for complex graphic applications, you know the problem, that the performance never suffice seems certainly. If you really want to know where your system's performance, you should take a look at the benchmark program ShaderMark necessarily. It you is a very powerful software for your computer, which can feel your graphics card on the tooth. So you know exactly what performance you can expect from your system and where the strengths are your graphics card in the future. ShaderMark in just a few steps to install on your computer and perform a test of your computer's graphics performance.

ShaderMark offers a very simple user interface and can be taken even by a layman in a few seconds. ShaderMark focuses on the benchmarking of your graphics card performance in terms of shader model 2. This activates on DirectX 9.0 c-compatible graphics cards and is dependent on a strong your graphic card pixel-shader unit. The software works with all commercially available graphics cards of the two forth plate of AMD and NVIDIA. In addition, a large number of different Windows operating systems is supported. Download the software just once and they try, she will surely convince you.

The development of ShaderMark
The benchmarking software ShaderMark is developed by the programmers of Thomas Bruckschlegel. The software is distributed under a free license and continuously adapted to new developments in the graphics card market.

Description of the version: ShaderMark

The benchmarking tool ShaderMark new version 2.1 is able to make you a significant expansion of the scope of the function. You can now test the shader performance of your graphics card on an even greater number of different operating systems. These include next to Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0 Windows 2000, me and XP. In addition, you can test all graphics cards on the market that are compatible with the graphics card interface DirectX 9.0 c. As always, the new version recognizes both ATI and nvidia cards.

The properties of the new ShaderMark 2.1

• Support for all current DirectX 9-capable graphics card
• Runs on Windows 98, NT 4.0, 2000, me and XP
• It supports now as a beta driver

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