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Shaagchess is a professional training program for all chess.



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Shaagches is the ideal partner for you, if you count to the many chess-crazy people, who want to improve their skills. Shaagchess is an advanced and graphically appealing chess Simulator, which will be able to inspire you with its numerous functions. Use all the advantages, which allows you to play chess on the computer. Games at home on your computer, on the go on your notebook or NetBook or where else you want. With Shaagchess you your chess partner brought always, a chess partner that will surprise you with sophisticated tactics. The computer software has a rich repertoire of possible moves, your King a to the other time in distress will bring. Shaagchess is tiny, can be quickly downloaded and installed and runs guaranteed on all Windows versions such as 98SE/Me/2000/XP/Vista/7.

Shaagchess can be adjusted in its graphical representation in many ways from you. You can choose from a large number of different boards and figure sets. The Board can appear not only in a top view in 2D by friends but also in 3D. Just the 3D view is especially intricately designed and embellished one so the game experience. The view can be rotated and zoomed. Try different combinations to adapt the appearance of Shaagchess to your ideas.

Shaagchess is an outstanding training partner, you can flexibly adjust your skills. You can choose from several levels of difficulty. Beginners as well as professionals with Shaagchess can exercise meaningful. The program also provides a comprehensive help function, which gradually one of the game and helps one to be better.

Other features of Shaagchess:

• 5 Levels of difficulty
• Multiple boards
• As a virtual game board can be used
• integrated beginner help
• Different character sets
• 6 Resolutions

The developer of Shaagchess

The software company Gamesbyscott sells the chess Simulator of Shaagchess. Shaagchess is programmed by Scott Haag, which can have many years of experience in the development of game software. He worked for many of the major console manufacturers, and developed a number of other programmes in the field of computer games. Shaagchess is free software. You can download it easily from the website without having to purchase a license.

Description of the version: Shaagchess

Shaagchess is an interesting alternative for all chess lovers. You can compete against the computer or against real opponents on a 2D or 3D game board. If you choose for the computer opponent, you can choose between five levels of difficulty, depending on how well you control the game. You need a few tips, so you can show the possible moves by the integrated help function.

Shaagchess's features at a glance

• Compete against the computer or real players
• Choose between five levels of difficulty
• Play on a 2D or 3D
• Help yourself to the integrated help function

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