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The SG TCP optimizer can dramatically accelerate your own Internet connection.



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SG TCP Optimizer

Speeds up the Internet connection in the blink of an eye.

The SG TCP optimizer allows you easily to carry out the optimization of your Internet connection. To be settings in your operating system, so that larger data packets can be sent.

The SG TCP optimizer is the right tool for you if you are not satisfied with the speed of your Internet connection. SG TCP Optimizer helps lay in the area of network technology, to identify sources of error and automatically eliminate. Thus, the tool helps that significantly increases the performance of your computer and you can rely in the future on a faster Internet connection. You so download the SG TCP optimizer and let surprise you from the performance gains.

So that you don't have to lose you in optimizing your Internet connection not in the depths of your computer's registry file, SG TCP optimizer can remove all essential steps you. The program automatically detects whether the settings for such variables as the package sizes have been made optimally or whether you forgive performance unnecessarily. The software makes a detailed analysis of your system and asks, what Internet connection actually had available friends. So, you have the possibility to get the maximum performance out of a slow line yet, and to improve the General performance of your computer.

The developers of the SG TCP optimizer
The SG TCP optimizer is available as a completely free download for you. Responsible for the development of this practical little helper, the programmers of SpeedGuide. The development team has to collect over many years experience with Internet technologies and has incorporated in the programming of SG TCP optimizer.

Description of the version: SG TCP Optimizer

The new SG TCP optimizer version 3.0.7 allows an even easier optimization of your Internet connection. A more detailed detection of the network settings in your operating system includes, so that the optimization can go further in depth and a wider range of operating systems can be optimized. On the other hand, recognized now but also more network cards and the right optimization settings for this automatically done by SG TCP optimizer.

The new SG TCP optimizer detects even more network settings

• Program detects even more network settings such as the exact MTU value in Windows 7
• Improved hardware detection, such as network cards
• MTU limit has been increased to 9,000

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