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SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6 reveals no difference to a real aquarium.



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

SereneScreen Marine Aquarium Time

The SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6 screensaver is a real classic and has been enhanced with this release a new feature. In addition to the selection of 28 fish a clock in the Aquarium by SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6 now shows the current time. The type of display you can choose relatively freely and vary the settings.

In addition to an analog clock with or without display of the seconds pointer you may have into SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6 dir to display a monthly calendar with the time. The current day is to can. This indicator is represented by a white font. Also you can set Marine Aquarium time 2.6 SereneScreen, with which day of the week to begin. Furthermore, a language selection for the calendar display is possible, and it lists a surprisingly comprehensive selection of languages for SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6.

Fish selection is used, only the simultaneous number of fish in the Aquarium is unfortunately limited for SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6. You can choose then that from the offered 28 varieties of fish, which you want to receive love, or you leave the selection, SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6. Then, the fish are displayed randomly. The movements of the fish are doing absolutely realistic, and this impression is supported at the SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6 screen saver by further details. So, you can set the tone for the pump and the air bubbles so that also the acoustic impression reveals no difference to a real aquarium. But just try it, and you SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6 from this site via the download function download.

Features of SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6:

• Aquarium as a screensaver
• 28 Fish selection
•Includes current time
• Shareware with limited function
• Activation of all features by purchasing
• Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP

About SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6

The SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time 2.6 is a product of the company SereneScreen. Products runs exclusively through partners, however can be found on the website of FAQs to the products that will answer all questions. SereneScreen most products are available as free downloads with a limited feature set and can be converted into a full license with all functions against payment of the purchase price.

Description of the version: SereneScreen Marine Aquarium Time

With the new SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time you turn your screen during work breaks into a real aquarium with real fish. The underwater sequence is even more realistic with original sound effects. In particular, the time display in the middle of the Aquarium on a stone or a shell is new. As you can see also while your screen saver is running the current date and also the time.

The features of the SereneScreen Marine Aquarium time

• New version with date and time display on the screen
• Over 50 different cool designs to choose from
• Real fish pictures and cool sound effects

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