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Selingua is a playful approach to language and loads of fun.



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Download and install Selingua are both very quickly, because the program is small and also after the installation consumes very few resources. You can start the download Selingua right here from our site by clicking on the button and see for yourself. After the installation, where you need to select only the target directory, you can directly start Selingua and get started with the exercises. First you'll be asked this after your mother tongue and can select it. Interestingly the programme it also distinguishes between American and British English, showing understanding of the developers of Selingua language coverage and their subtleties and differences.

After selecting your mother tongue, which, by the way, every time new choose at startup by Selingua, you're then in the main window of Selingua and here can select the language you would like to learn. There are, if you have selected German as their mother tongue, Swedish, English, French and Spanish in Selingua to choose. A click on the flag then selects the language. Below you will find a collection of exercises you can do then.

"A word", each word in your mother tongue gave you and asked for the correct translation. You can adjust the difficulty doing all exercises from easy to difficult. Regardless of the chosen difficulty Selingua pretends always one letter of the word you, and you have to find the other letters. Correct and incorrect entries are thereby counted and displayed absolute and percentage terms. "1 + 4 Words" is a multiple choice test where you get 4 possible translations for a foreign-language term and have to choose the right. More exercises are "10 + 10 words", a tempo range as well as a crossword puzzle in the foreign language. You can practice with Selingua also the conjugate verbs.

Selingua features:

• Language learning
• For English, Spanish, French, German and Swedish
• Playful approach
• Various degrees of difficulty adjustable
• Free freeware
• For Windows 95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP

Background information on Selingua

Selingua is a development of the Marianne Wartoft and comes from Sweden. Marianne has developed many solutions for the knowledge and education and provides them all as freeware free. Marianne has begun with the developments in 1995, and currently their programs be loaded down about 2,000 times every day. Most of the programs are multilingual, some were translated in up to 30 languages.

Description of the version: Selingua

With the new version 5.2 of Selingua you will learn easy and playful German, Swedish, French, English and Spanish, without encountering occasionally annoying bugs and errors. The new version of Selingua has been optimized and fixed bugs of the previous versions. Also you have more options and new, revised tasks with the new program, so also the change to come.

Selingua's most important changes in version 5.2:

• Runs through the fixing of bugs and errors more stable than previous versions
• More options for better and to customize individual learning outcomes
• New, revised, and varied design tasks

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