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Segmenti, a training program to familiarize yourself with the structure of the orthography.



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The virtual tutorial Segmenti helps to improve your spelling. Words can thereby be disassembled into their individual, linguistically relevant components. With different modules, you're able to perform hyphenation. For this, for example, the modules "Determine the syllable number" or "Separated into syllables" are very well suited in Segmenti. Segmenti helps you to share letter chain to handle this then in small segments. This is a prerequisite for a successful language acquisition.

It continues at Segmenti play modules. For this, you select a specific pattern of legal writing. Did you know your own points of failure and localized, start in the modules with these. There is an assistance in the individual modules in Segmenti. Explained in detail in the chapter "File selection". There, exercises are also categorized according to the common law writing issues. You be work exercises in the order of selection, you will find legal writing structures with a high probability, that correspond to your problems. With reading and legal writing training, you train the content for individual segments of the Word as in a virtual manner.

Download the free tutorial Segmenti here easily. Click on the download button marked, and in a few minutes, you can practice the segmentation of common words in morphemes (linguistic components of words) and syllables with Segmenti.

Several features in Segmenti

• Ten game modules
• History bar chart
• Create exercise files
• Word lists
• Adjustable levels
• Beginner and advanced mode

Extensive possibilities with Segmenti

The program provides a comprehensive Word material which is prepared in a pedagogical way. Here, you can expand your learning materials for teaching German to an interesting free software. There is even the possibility to install Segmenti as a portable version of the file on a USB flash drive. In the menu, you will find a corresponding instructions to under the item "Portable version of Segmenti". Segmenti provides not only Word structures, also read ability is enhanced by this tutorial. You get insight into the word Builder, your consciousness for orthographic relationships will be trained. At the end of the exercises, you can evaluate the results using a Protocol module.

Description of the version: Segmenti

The new version 5.0 of the computer game Segmenti offers even more fun in the handling of words and the subdivision into individual elements. In the new modules "Determine root vowel length in the text" and 'Read with Segmentor' you will learn using the Word elements based on a fairy tale or an own text. Many innovations in the modules number of syllable, hyphenation, Word construction and Word replica also provide increased entertainment and a better learning effect.

What's new in the version Segmenti 5.0

• New modules "Determine root vowel length in the text" and 'Read with Segmentor'
• Various fairy tales to the practice of the course material
• Improvements in the existing modules

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