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Secret of Maryo Chronicles brings the platforming n'run Classic at last on your computer.



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Secret Maryo Chronicles

Who knows it not, the platform n'run classic console? Did you play this milestone of in computer game history always once like to on your PC, your notebook, NetBook or on the road? With secret of Maryo Chronicles, which is now finally possible. Secret of Maryo Chronicles has minimal system requirements and can really be played on any device. Not only Windows, but of course your Linux machine is supported.

You will be amazed by the variety of opponents, who you can meet in secret of Maryo Chronicles. There is the turtle, which can hide in their tank, carnivorous plants, dragons and jellyfish living missiles, which opposed grin you. Secret of Maryo Chronicles also knows a number of power-ups. Run through the levels of secret Maryo Chronicles and mushrooms, flowers and stars collect to replenish your life energy, or to be invincible. Secret Maryo Chronicles, everything is exactly as in the console classics.

Secret of Maryo Chronicles features a powerful editor with the you out can replace the graphics from the game with F8 and paste opponents. You can create mobile platforms or add ambient noise. The editor of secret of Maryo Chronicles allows the writing of texts, which appear in the levels at some point and give the player hints. There are no limits to your imagination.

Other features of secret of Maryo Chronicles:

• Star power for 3 extra lives
• Poisonous mushrooms
• Active community
• 10 different opponents
• 8 different power-ups
• Your own wiki

The development of secret of Maryo Chronicles

The first version of secret of Maryo Chronicles, the legendary version 0.27, was released already in early 2003. Thus, the game can look back on a long history of development. Version followed the first non-beta with version 1.0 in 2007. The developers have so nothing rushed, and perfected the game in small increments. But the development does not stop and has continued up to the present day. Secret of Maryo Chronicles is free software, which relies on for their development on donations of users. The development team is open to new entrants such as such as graphic design and can be addressed directly via a contact form on the website. Maybe you would like to contribute to further programming.

Description of the version: Secret Maryo Chronicles

In the new version of secret of Maryo Chronicles, which is reminiscent of Super Mario, you control your character through an adventurous world. Among other things a new opponent, a spiked ball that just don't jump or to kill other attacks is among the innovations. There are now also blocks of sand, mud and clouds to climb. Also added a new music for the level settings menu.

The most important innovations of secret of Maryo Chronicles 1.9 at a glance

• A new opponent in the form of a spike ball
• New blocks of sand, mud and clouds
• New music while using the level menu

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