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Second life offers a customizable virtual alternative is modeled after our reality.



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Second Life

Second life, which is the virtual world: second life. According to your wishes and creative ideas, you can create your games alter-ego and thus participate in the reality and everyday life of second life.

Sometimes you want to totally reinvent yourself? You with other talents, another job, another able and most importantly: to provide a different look? Just new people get to know, you might fall in love, marry or even career do - all is not a problem in the virtual world of second life. You're free design options for your alter-ego, can be complete style change and become the girl or man swarm. As inhabitants of the virtual world of second life, you delve into a new life that is but your own. You participate in the everyday life of the other inhabitants and will be in normal social contacts to them. Thus, second life is a daily computer game, in which you create your character and participate in virtual reality and their duties, on the one hand but on the other hand, it is just your second life. You can earn money (the so-called Linden dollars), making up my own store, marry, and build a House. Buy a car and like most of the other inhabitants (several hundred thousand!) have fun with friends. The virtual reality of second life allows their players to reinvent itself and to live a second life in a simple and exciting manner.

As a freeware game, you can download second life friends without any problems and install on your computer. The program has a file size of 25.2 MB and runs under the operating systems win XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7. As a Mac OS or Linux user, you can download the necessary client on the manufacturer homepage at The game of second life English.

Description of the version: Second Life

The version 2.6.3 of the games second life offers you the possibility to make an alter-ego and to live a second life as a player. Held parallel to our reality of everyday life in the virtual world. You can do exactly the same things as in real life – or just completely different. So you can build in second life for example his own shop and start a family or endless money, and buy fancy cars. Of course you can also flirt, dance, have fun.

Your virtual second life: Second life

• Customizable game characters as alter Egos
• Inspired by everyday of our reality and still changeable
• Offers the opportunity to try out a different life design
• Free freeware

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