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SeaWar 3.0 is a well-made PC version of the classic of game Battleship.



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SeaWar 3.0 is a PC version of the classic of game ships sink and brings this captivating mixture of luck, strategy and combination capacity on the computer screen. SeaWar 3.0 relies mainly on a user-friendly interface, good effects, and a functioning multi player mode. The gameplay of the SeaWar 3.0 is, however, quickly explained. Two parties will face off in the game. Each of the players posted the ships of his fleet in a field of ten times ten individual squares. Goal of the game is to sink the other fleet through systematic bombardments of the enemy field as efficiently as possible. It issued three shots in a row; SeaWar 3.0 then counts the corresponding hit on the opposite side, before this comes with the remaining ships to the shot.

SeaWar 3.0 can be played against the computer's artificial intelligence. In this mode there are above all the sound effects and small graphical details of the firing and hit ships, with which the program skillfully waiting. SeaWar 3.0 offers but also a multiplayer mode. This works over a LAN connection, as well as over the Internet. Especially the integrated chat features SeaWar 3.0 here compared to other programs. Also, the user interface of the program is variable. A large number of respective skins on the net for download available says to configure SeaWar 3.0 according to your own requirements.

Also the exchange of the individual ships by tiles is easily possible with SeaWar 3.0. So in which quickly bored to begreifenden gameplay even when solo, SeaWar 3.0 with five difficulty levels and seven levels of complexity, making the game more interesting and much complex waiting. The program of transfer function, which immediately minimized the game window by pressing the ESC is suitable especially for use at work or in school.

SeaWar 3.0 - features at a glance.

• Digital sink ships
• Multiplayer mode
• Integrated chat
• Five difficulty levels
• Interchangeable skins
• Featured effects

SeaWar 3.0 is a program clone of the well known PC game "Battleship" (German sales name simply "Battleship"). With its clear download size of under three megabytes, it is quickly loaded on your own PC.

Description of the version: SeaWar

The new version of SeaWar is once again about old famous ship sinking. In this version, you can compete against the computer or against a real player. In addition, the new version includes five new difficulty levels. Many new skins are also available in this version. In the new version, the graphics was completely reworked and performed with attention to detail.

Features in the new version of SeaWar

• Play against computer or real player
• Five new difficulty levels
• Many new and numerous skins
• Revised graphics with attention to detail
• Required operating system: Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003

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