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SeaTools for Windows is a simple diagnostic tool to check the hard disk.



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SeaTools for Windows

Emerging problems with your hard disk, it is not always necessary to repair them. With the freeware SeaTools for Windows, you can first check your hard drive and fix errors.

A defective hard disk is the worst case scenario for computer owners, because so that all data will be lost. To check your hard disk, there are SeaTools for Windows. Check the condition of your external hard drive to your desktop computer or your notebook, to prevent data loss. The practical and easy to use tool performs surface Diagnostics to the condition of the hard disk and is easy to use. Tests conduct s.m.a.r.t, short or long drive self test and simple short - or long-term tests. Still, you will receive detailed information about the hard disk.

SeaTools for Windows to install on your system and first perform a test for Windows. It passes by the system, the hard disk is still intact, and you can immediately continue with the troubleshooting. The tests bring the data on the hard disk in no danger. Want to perform advanced tests let you, please read the manual you. It is available in various languages as a PDF. SeaTools for Windows is suitable for hard disk of manufacturer Seagate and for 1394, ATA (PATA /), SATA, SCSI and USB hard disks and drives.

The idea behind SeaTools
SeaTools initiated by Seagate in 2007 to allow PC owners to check your hard drive for problems. Unnecessarily sent namely often supposedly faulty drives to the company for repair, although these were still intact in about 20 percent of cases. SeaTools has been created to save money on unnecessary analyses and transport costs on both sides, time and above all.

Description of the version: SeaTools for Windows

SeaTools for Windows lets you surface diagnosis your hard disk, no matter whether it is an external hard disk or a desktop computer or notebook computers. Perform analyses without the risk of damage to files. Long and short self test of the hard drives and give you information about potential errors and problems. SeaTools is anwenbar for hard disks of each any manufacturer. You can download a manual in German language on the manufacturer's website.

Overview of the most important features of SeaTools for Windows

• Obtain information of the hard disk
• comprehensive testing methods
• Quick or detailed Selbsstest of the hard drive as well as short - and long-term tests
• S.m.a.r.t test
• Applicable for all ATA / SATA / SCSI / 1394 hard disks and USB drives

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