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SDClock you can automate the shutdown or set a time of use.



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SDClock as its own application in the form of a digital clock on the desktop is running after installation. With the right mouse button, you can call up the settings and activate the program by entering a default time for shutting down while on the first Tabseite. This is not the only way to use the features of SDClock, as also about the other functions, such as the runtime, the change of the operating mode can be activated. Automatic shutdown at a specific time, you can set a countdown timer as well as an acoustic signal as a reference to the upcoming end of work for SDClock.

About the Tabseite of "Method", you can then set how SDClock should do an action. In addition to the complete shut down, you can set also Hibernate, standby, reboot or a logoff of the current user of SDClock. By using the Tabseite "Office", you can then create a month plan is interesting in particular for enterprises. With this plan you can determine exactly when should the computer automatically by SDClock shut down what day of the month or a user logged off. In "Home" mode, you can at home make similar settings for the use of the PC and use a special function for children. Here, the maximum duration of use can be set precisely to the minute.

The automatic shutdown or logoff can be prevented if certain applications are running. They can be entered for SDClock in a list. Last but not least, you can apply the settings for SDClock even from a server and thereby determine whether the user of the PC must change the server requirements. The program provides total 5 themes available, which you can individually choose for better appearance. The best yourself once you try the program and download SDClock from our page about the download function to you.

Features of SDClock:

• Start / stop program for Windows
• drives up time-controlled the PC or download
• Time can be set
• Creating monthly schedules
• Freeware
• for Windows with the .NET Framework 2.0 or later

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SDClock is an offer of the Japanese developer company of BlueCosmos. The software is the only offering of the company, and is available in addition to the full version in a trimmed-down version SDPetit. This version includes fewer features as the full version and can not be customized also.

Description of the version: SDClock

You can the new version of SDClock now on all major Windows versions, so use up your PC as shuts down by itself. The user interface is slightly changed and thus clearly designed. Depending on your preference you can choose now "Headline" (RSS news) or also SDPetit between several designs, whether in the design "default". Your software is running on .NET Framework 2.0 or later versions.

This is new to the SDClock in version

• The user interface is clearer and richer variation.
• Choose from the designs "default", SDPetit, or "Headline".
• Runs on .NET Framework 2.0 and later versions.

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