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ScrollBar assumes the coloured design of scroll bars on your homepage.



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ScrollBar puts you in the position to give an individual color the scrollbars on your homepage. Thus, scrollbar designed your website more colourful and visually appealing. ScrollBar automatically creates a CSS code that you can embed in the HTML coding of your Web page. However, ScrollBar assumes that you are working with the Web browser Internet Explorer.

With the program, you can assign a separate color every single ScrollBar. You have the opportunity to enter the RGB codes manually or to locate the most suitable from a color palette that is integrated in the ScrollBar. Now you have to suggest only with the mouse pointer over the selected screen element, and scrollbar takes the values for red, green and blue with a single click. As soon as you so have colored all scroll services with scrollbar, as it does meet your needs, creates scrollbar of the appropriate CSS tags. Now, you need to call only your HTML editor and paste the created layout information. While the program offers a number of design proposals you. This you can either accept or use as basis for your own designs.

It is available free as a freeware download. Because the program only through Internet Explorer works, you must first change your default Web browser may. Then you can with a simple click on the download button to start the download. Follow the instructions, then simply at a time, on your screen to complete the installation. Then you can run and supported by scrollbar, immediately your artistic creativity -. With scrollbar, you now have a design program available, which eliminates the need for cumbersome individual programming of colour. The user interface is easy to use. You will have learned very quickly dealing with the program.

The functions of the ScrollBar

• Manual input of RGB codes is possible
• Color palette to the automatic color selection is integrated
• Various design templates
• Automatic creation of CSS tags
• Limitation: only works with Internet Explorer
• Free freeware

System requirements and download

ScrollBar is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP. A necessary condition for the functioning of the programme is the Internet Explorer as your Web browser. The download file size is only 333 kilobytes. It is a freeware program that no costs.

Description of the version: ScrollBar

With ScrollBar 1.2A, you design now own scrollbars for Internet Explorer. ScrollBar 1.2 now generated the necessary CSS code for colored scrollbars in the blink of an eye, and integrates by copying to the Clipboard in your website. Already there are many color options - you can implement but also your own color ideas and save them for later use. The best: With the built-in pipette you can get colors from anywhere on your screen!

The innovations of ScrollBar 1.2A at a glance

• CSS code generation in the blink of an eye
• Easy integration into your Web page from the Clipboard out
• New files to help will help you get started

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