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With Scribus Printemps is creative desktop publishing for you a breeze.



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Scribus Printemps

Scribus Printemps makes your design pleasure all freedoms. The free Scribus Printemps freeware program gives you a professional desktop publishing program with which you can unleash your creativity. Personalize with Scribus Printemps flyer for your next party or create a page for a newspaper or a magazine. With Scribus Printemps, you can really put your designs, appealing colors, and preparing the document for printing. The control is very simple. The menu is almost self explanatory. I

In Scribus Printemps are different layouts available, you can make to your own ideas. Select whether you want to create a simple page or a spread, and set the format of the page including the page margins. Then, you can insert your images and graphics, and provide them with a framework. The image you can then flow around a text. The distance between graphics and text can be individually set with Scribus Printemps. You can adjust color values and weights, set the page margins. In a master document, you can add page numbers and distances for all the following documents and need to change only a document. By insertion of different shapes and objects and processing with numerous tools, you can create high-quality prints.

Download Scribus Printemps starts here with a click and then the program can be easily on your computer install. Only 256 MB memory are necessary.

Scribus Printemps is a layout program with the following functions:

• Extensive color management
• Pre-installed for your document layout proposals
• Possibility of export of files in other formats
• Various objects to insert into a document
• Different frames and fonts
• Extensive range of tools

The background to the programme

Desktop publishing programs such as Scribus Printemps are useful tools to set and layout entire newspapers, books and magazines for years. Also posters and flyers be created by programs such as Scribus Printemps. Scribus Printemps can combine graphics and text on appealing and creative manner. Design are no limits with you. The possibility that you can convert the created documents in other formats is also useful. It is possible that you then processed the file in Scribus Printemps with another program.

Description of the version: Scribus Printemps

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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