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  • Windows 5.0.4

Screenshot Studio .net is a simple solution to make selective screenshots.



  • License: Freeware
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  • Updated: 25.10.2013


For the creation of a guide, you need only portions of the screen. To make a screenshot of the whole screen instead of always and then having to edit it, you can screenshot in another program Studio use .net. Various features you can set the area of the screen here, from which you have .net a Studio with screenshot screenshot want to create. For this, different types of screenshots are available.

With the normal screenshot function in screenshot Studio .net, you're doing a recording of the entire screen, and with a touch of a button. After you run the screenshots you will prompted Studio .net by screenshot, what you want to do with the screenshot. You can either copy them to the Clipboard for a further processing, the screenshot by email send or save. Also a direct upload to ImageShack Studio offered to you by screenshot .net. The next screenshot function, the WindowShot does exactly what the name says, is a screenshot of an open window. In doing so you get a choice of open Windows and can then decide which window you want to do with screenshot Studio .net the screenshot.

For the free creation of screenshots, screenshot Studio provides you .net then two further types of screenshots available. Here you can either rely on pre-made shapes such as rectangle, triangle, or circle, or you can create a truly free range to be created from a screenshot. This function by screenshot Studio .net, you can move freely across the screen after selecting the mouse pointer when mouse button is pressed and define the range, for the screenshot Studio, .net is to take the screenshot. And the best: you can set it in their own profiles where you can set a delay then also the screenshot should be made to the. You can download now the software by clicking on the download button at us.

Features of screenshot Studio .NET:

• Selectively absorb screenshots
• variable through screenshot types and profiles
• easy to use
• no consumption of resources
• free of charge as open source
• for Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7

About screenshot Studio .net and the developer

The program is an open-source program and developed by Thies Gerken. He has committed to the task, to develop useful applications with Visual Basic, and to then make the results available as open-source projects. Plugins screenshot more features can be added to this Studio .net.

Description of the version: ScreenshotStudio.Net

The current version of ScreenshotStudio.Net can come up with some useful new features. You're now among other things the possibility to depict only certain areas of your computer screen. For example, you can limit the screen on the toolbar or the menu bar or from the editing window also make. On the monitor display now include various forms of cutting offered you, so that you don't have to cut out not only rectangular or square images.

The most important innovations of ScreenshotStudio.Net

• improved user interface and user friendliness
• more structured layout in edit mode
• easier selection of tool tools by Icondarstellung
• multiple forms part of the screen can be used
• Use various frame cut-outs possible

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