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Screenshot Captor is the print screen key in Windows in a whole new dimension.



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  • Updated: 06.12.2013

Screenshot Captor

If you've done a screenshot in Windows, then you know the complex procedure to save and edit this screenshot. Screenshot captor puts an end to at last and gives you the possibility of even older screenshots back to access. This uses the existing mechanisms of Windows to create a screenshot screenshot captor and simplifies the processing with your own application. Try it just once. You can download screenshot captor easily right here from our website.

After the installation of screenshot captor, directly opens a window and points to the possibility of you, to make a donation for the project. This is absolutely voluntary, and screenshot captor can be used even without donation, indefinitely and without any restriction. If the application window is not open, screenshot Captor is running in the background and is available through an icon in the system tray. You're now a screenshot, screenshot captor just pops up and directly shows you your just made screenshot. You can do this either directly edit or save. Also a direct printing or sending by email is possible.

Via the opened dialog, you have also access to the program's other options where you can set the type of program behavior immediately after the recording of the screenshots. If you call screenshot captor from the system tray, you will have access to more features and settings. So you can for example a screenshot from the current window or edit the screenshot, move or change the size of the previews. And you have access to all of you since the installation made screenshot captor and saved screenshots.

Screenshot captor features:

• Screenshot tool
• Opens screenshots directly after printing
• Many processing options
• Access to older screenshots
• Freeware (free license after 10 days available)
• Win 98/2000/XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7

Background information on screenshot captor

Screenshot Captor is a range of, a website for programmers who offer their developments as shareware. acts as an umbrella organisation, which accepts donations for the developments contrary to and then distributes them to the developers. Thus, almost acts as a portal for shareware solutions.

Description of the version: Screenshot Captor

In the version, some bugs fixed, some features added.

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