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Screamer Radio is suitable to receive and record Internet radio stations.



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Screamer Radio

Screamer Radio is a free software that enables your PC to receive Internet radio stations. With the built-in recording function, you can record even already started songs completely.

With Internet radio you can receive also channels, which are outside your transmission area. So you hear the music in other countries is just up-to-date or messages and posts from first-hand experience. The choice due to the variety of radio stations on the Internet is great and for every taste something. Some radio stations that you can normally receive about your radio, publish parts of its program on the Internet. Older transfers are provided mostly in the archives of online radios. So you can do also missed contributions.

With Screamer Radio, you get a program that enables your computer receive Internet radio stations. The software is ad-free and easy to use. By entering the URL, you will be redirected to the desired radio station and can immediately hear the current program. A special highlight of Screamer Radio is the recording function. It also works if a song or a contribution your switch is already running. With Screamer Radio, you missed nothing. Use the recording function, and Screamer Radio picks up the whole song or post for you.

Screamer Radio supports the formats MP3, WMA, AAC, Shoutcast, Icecast and Ogg Vorbis. Choose from over 4,000 different radio stations, which are sorted by genre and country of origin. With the free download of the software Screamer, you can hear music radio in the background, while you are working, check your E-Mails or surf in the Internet. Cut with your favorite songs and you transfer to your MP3 player, to them from anywhere to be able to hear.

Description of the version: Screamer Radio

The new version of Screamer Radio has more radio stations from all over the world. Meanwhile, more than 4,000 Internet radio stations are available, of about 100 German stations. Due to sorting by genre and country of origin you will find the appropriate channels quickly. In addition to the function of MSM Messenger "What I just hear" now also the Facebook button "Like" is available, with which you can rate your favorite stations. Use the recording function, to include complete title, and convert them to various formats.

Latest features of Screamer Radio 0.4.4

• Received by radio stations from the Internet
• Recording running title from the outset
• More than 4,000 different radio stations
• Sort by genre and country of origin
• Ease of use

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