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Speaking as a famous cartoon character? Scramby, the voice changer, anything is possible.



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With this program, your voice is to the comic book character.

Scramby is a VoIP add-on tool for distortion of language and voice tuning. If too slowly, your calls get you to yawning, then try it next time with a fun voice. Scramby helps you. With party sounds or jingles in the background, you can spice up your conversations. Scramby works for all popular voice over IP-Internet telephones, such as Skype, Google talk and Yahoo! Messenger MMOG/MMORPG online games, massive multiplayer online role playing games. Many different options available are to provide part-have fun on your phone. Men become women and women to men. This is no problem at all with this voice distortion.

Once you have completed the download and installation of Scramby successfully, you can start already. First, you activate the Scramby microphone in the VoIP program that is used by you. You can make calls via the Internet then normal and the software turns your voice into that of a famous cartoon character, a woman, a man, a clown or a famous TV presenter. You can build effective background noise but also with the Scramby Stimmverzerrer, so for example a station announcement, light water splashing, or also the scenery of a supermarket. You can easily use the multilingual user interface. Scramby play around and explore other funny effects, such as laughter or applause.

Don't try funny phone calls with your friends or relatives. These are pre-programmed with Scramby. Vend your online phone calls with fun effects and fantastic background noise and surprise your friends. You can help your words with a gong to the required application. Or you fires up your players in online games. You need only a few minutes, Scramby to download and install on your PC.

Scramby still has following extras:

• an editor for your individual effects
• an import function for VST and audio files
• an audio collection with 130 clips and jingles
• configurable keyboard of shortcuts for you as a player
• predefined VST effects for speech synthesizers
• an import function for audio files in WAV and VST effects in DLL format

System requirements for Scramby

You need Microsoft Windows XP or Windows Vista, at least a processor running at 1.5 GHz, 256 MB RAM, 60 MB hard disk space, and a sound card. Yet to complete the fun with Scramby, you need also a microphone or headset and the software for a VoIP program.

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