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Scrabble offers challenging fun and a nice pastime for everyone.



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Scrabble is the digital version of the famous game classic. To start, each player is dealt seven randomly selected letters. These words must be formed then, to get as many points. The first player must place his word about the star in the middle. But now follows the Clou: the other players should not indiscriminately distribute their words on the pitch, but must be applied to existing words. To increase the difficulty, is the creation of proper names, cities, and prohibited countries, as well as abbreviations. Different number of points are assigned to each letter the letters are so different much "value". For determining point you added to the letters associated with the letter. But also the Scrabble - playing field has a meaning for the scoring. Some bonus fields lead to the double letters or even triple word value. A seemingly simple word often becomes a real point provider. A Scrabble game is always good surprises.

The multiplayer mode in Scrabble allows you connect online against your friends or even players from all over the world to compete. So you will find always a worthy opponent. Can you make it to be the best Scrabbler of all?

You can download Scrabble through a simple click on the download button free with us. So quickly - and so easy!

SCRABBLE - game fun for everyone:

• Learn new words!
• Playing with friends and find out who makes the best words
• Try to make the highest quality or longest word from your letters
• Win games against players from all over the world
• Better on your foreign language skills by playing in other languages
• Will the best Scrabble player in your circle of friends

The history of Scrabble

Scrabble was invented in 1931 by the American architect Alfred Butts. He called the archetype of the modern game 'Lexico'; the game was not played at the time but on a Board and points were awarded only after the length and difficulty of the words. Inspired by the dissemination of crosswords 1938 to the development of a board - the today's Scrabble Board decided butts. At the same time the game was renamed "Criss-Crosswords", to German in some "Cross and cross puzzles". Unfortunately found Alfred Butts for his game no Publisher; commercial success came only in the roles as James Brunot, a lawyer and avid fan of Criss-Crosswords, Butss bought the rights to the game and renamed it Scrabble, applied for a patent. Since then is no longer stop the world the triumph of Scrabble - Scrabble in more than 30 languages was sold over 100 million copies to date.

Description of the version: Scrabble

The Scrabble version 1.1 offers the opportunity to compete online against other players. There is no language in which the software is bound, so that now all potential players in contact can be contacted and own rules can be made. The version is clearly not only in their user interface: your Scrabble fun on a PC without frills!

The Scrabble software version 1.1

• Play on the Internet and compete against people from around the world.
• The user interface is simple and clearly designed.
• There is no language set, you specify the rules.

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