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The graphically prepared artillery battles in scorched 3D make for hours of fun.



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Scorched 3D

Scorched 3D is a remake of the hit game scorched earth, that in the early 1990s caused a sensation. The new version is presented in stylish 3D graphics and offers at least as much fun as the popular original.

The backdrop for scorched 3D is a Caribbean island paradise - but with the heavenly States, it's over, if you and your fellow players ancestor with their artillery guns, to each other to make life difficult you. Equipped with ammo of plenty of you compete, to take the position of enemy vehicles under fire. The aim: to seek to damage the armour of other artillery pieces with effect hits and finally to blow up the right shot for your projectile. As in the classic scorched earth must you involve in scorched 3D of all kinds of environmental influences in your battle strategy - what about the wind? What natural obstacles lie in your shot? Only who shoots accurately and skillfully has a chance to win the victory.

The successful freely offers you the possibility of stepless zoom, also you can rotate the map at will to explore all possibilities and to find the perfect shot. Overall, three levels of difficulty provide the necessary challenge. You can either compete against computer-controlled opponents or you measure with human artillery Gunners over the network and on the Internet.

The original scorched 3D, scorched earth ("scorched earth"), appeared in 1991. But the classic was a remake and based on the game tank wars, that Morse 1986 programmer Kenny was written. Other known implementations of the gameplay found in the QBasic game Gorilla, throw in the two monkeys with bananas at, as well as in the commercially successful worms series of games.

Description of the version: Scorched 3D

Scorched 3D is currently 43 2a version, which offers some improvements when compared to its predecessor. The camera settings were revised - for example, the tracking shot that follows the shots correctly after updating to the new version works. The default speed of the projectile is also slightly been slow. In buying mode it no longer comes to unexpected crashes, if the time has expired. The options have been added to the to automatically connect to a server.

Scorched 3D in the new version offers 43 2a

• Revised camera settings and improved camera movements
• Reduced speed of fired projectiles
• Automatic connection to a server
• Purchase mode trouble no more even when the time
• Different errors have been fixed

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