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The multimedia PC courses Swedish leads active with fun and success to the objective.



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Schwedisch AKTIV

The learning concept of Swedish active ensures success after only a short time. Unite in Swedish active is the most important elements of computer-based language learning. With the support and motivation of the virtual teacher you work yourself through 40 lessons, each of which contains a written and spoken text or dialogue with a vocabulary and an easy-to-be developed portion of grammar. Swedish, active offer additional regional information and explanations on the use of language in everyday Swedish life in each lesson. Numerous overview and learning modules on special topics, such as the time, numbers, or the most important phrases complete the application-oriented learning platform by Swedish active.

Swedish is active learning at the same time effective and entertaining. Each lesson includes training modules, which will help you to check your knowledge and consolidate. For the query of the new words, there are the vocabulary trainer, which remembers even your strengths and weaknesses so that you can continue at the same level next time. With the grammar coach, you apply the newly learned rules varied exercises. In the lab of Swedish active you have the ability to record your own pronunciation and can then compare them with the requirements of the virtual teacher. With each of these learning steps you get a deeper understanding and feeling for the Swedish language gradually closer.

The free demo version of Swedish active provides insight into three of the 40 lessons and you can even try out, how much fun is it with Swedish active learning.

Other active features from Swedish:

• About 4500 words
• The full Swedish grammar
• All texts have a print function.
• Creating individual vocabulary lists.
• No time pressure to the objective.
• Enables targeted deepening "Free exercise".

The success of Swedish active

Swedish active started as an insider tip for Swedish students and students and has become one of the most purchased tutorials for the Swedish language. Reason for this success is a continuous development, a modern, interactive learning principle and cooperation with OBS!Online, the language Institute of Scandinavian languages. Swedish active is used by beginners as well as advanced self-paced and is recommended to further deepen next to a course.

Description of the version: Schwedisch AKTIV

The current Swedish active version gives you the Swedish language particularly easy. Not only your language skills will be trained with the program, you can increase your knowledge about Swedish culture. In addition, you practice with the built-in pronunciation trainer individually. Your pronunciation is recorded and compared to correct Swedish. You can test your knowledge in a test after each set to music lesson and intense training with a virtual instructor.

Swedish learning made easy on the computer

• Swedish language and culture in 40 lessons
• integrated pronunciation trainer for over 4500 words
• Number of texts and dialogues
• virtual teacher commented on workouts
• numerous training modules
• for beginners and advanced

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