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The typewriter course is the ideal software if you want to learn the touch typing.



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Did you rule has always been the touch typing? With the typewriter course that is now finally possible for you. Learn with the typewriter course within a very short time, how to write like a pro on the computer keyboard. You will lose no more valuable time with writing letters, homework and the like. The typewriter course introduces you to the optimal system for typing on the keyboard. The program is compatible such as Win95/98/98SE/me/2000/NT/XP/2003/Vista/7 with all versions of Windows.

You can find easy entry into the typewriter course. There are many ready-made lessons for you ready, with which the typewriter course you gradually at the touch typing. There is even an educational game to distract you a bit from the strict lessons and valuable tips for the hand gymnastics for a long time writing. You can use dictation function, which faces challenges from well-known literary works. Testing situations can be simulated with the program.

In the course of the typewriter, you can introduce even the rules of DIN 5008. Thus you can learn immediately after the General design rules for text processing. So, you're on the cutting edge when it comes to the writing rules in Office and administrative. The typewriter course has an extensive statistical function, which you can always see where your strengths and weaknesses are, and what lessons you again should check out. The analysis goes so far that you will receive information on each individual finger.

Other features of the type writing course:

• 26 different lessons
• How to ergonomics
• Specifying the strokes per minute
• Quizzes
• Current spelling
• For additional information on the writing rules

Who is behind the typewriter course

The program type writing course is developed by Holger Freudenreich. The program is already since 2004 on the market and has since appeared in numerous versions. The developer is offering the course in the typewriter as shareware, i.e., the software can be tested without time limitation and then must be registered for a fee with the author. The typewriter course is the product of a German developer, working on other shareware and Freewareprojekten, all of which can be obtained from its homepage.

Description of the version: Schreibmaschinenkurs

If you want to learn the ten-finger system, you need to attend a course of the typewriter. You can learn it easily online: the current version of the typewriter course consists of 26 lessons and practice writing with the help of dictations from well-known classics of world literature of mark of TWAIN's "Best stories". You can use the software to simulate the also checks, professionally evaluated. Also provides version writing rules and tips to the finger gym.

With the new version of the typewriter course train the tap

• Learn typing in 26 lessons with dictation
• Simulate tests with evaluations and statistics
• Get tips to ergonomics

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