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Scanner allows you to keep your system load in sight in a graphical overview.



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First scan with the scanner program, you get an overview about your hard drive. All important files and folders of all directory listings are displayed at once with scanner. The area of the folder and files is proportional each occupied space, so the scanner the relations are taught you optimally. Smaller objects remain invisible, of course for the sake of clarity.

For the representation of the file distribution, scanner uses an advanced pie chart with circles applied symmetrically to the middle. The outer segments represent objects while deeper in the tree. You can hover the mouse over an object and then find its path, the number of contained files and the disk space occupied. When you click with the right mouse button on an object, you can open its context menu. Depending on the type of segment various operations are offered then scanner friends. You can toggle folder contents hide, go into the folder and rescan order. Files and folders can be opened by the scanner with the associated application, moved to the Recycle Bin and deleted. You can eliminate debunked memory Fellows so immediately and therefore valuable space open spaces.

By using the buttons on the left edge of the scanner, you can select between your different drives. A click on a selected drive raises a rescanning. You can decide which of your hard drives to be captured in the overview of scanner. Scanner also offers you a quick access to two tools which can give you free disk space: uninstalling software and emptying the Recycle Bin. With the buttons + and - you can easily adjust the size of the program window of the scanner.

All data scanner at a glance

• Version 2.10
• Is the file size 0.16 MB
You get a graphical overview of the system utilization •
• You can expose slightly hidden space killer
• Windows Explorer extension
• Developed by Steffen Gerlach

Background scanner

The program was developed by Steffen Gerlach, a German computer scientist. Steffen Gerlach posted free of charge on its homepage to download the program. Since the first release of 1999, the program is now sufficiently developed and the demand so great that the program now also by various other websites is offered and recommended.

Description of the version: Scanner

Scanner is a small, pretty spiffy tool that graphically show the layout of your hard drives let. In the new version, the presentation is still detailed and clear, so that you find the navigation even easier. Installed programs appear as a different color blocks and provides you with information about its distribution to the hard disk with a click on the program and can leave this always more detail show you.

Features of the current version 2.10 scanner

• Improved display of Fesplattenbelegung
• New ad of the total capacity of all hard drives
• More detailed collection of individual disks
• Display of all components of installed programs

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