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Scan2PDF transforms data and documents into PDF files for electronic delivery.



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Scan2PDF offers you a very simple user interface, with which you can work immediately. The functions of the program are very easy to understand and well understood. The graphical representation provides an optimal work area. Directly by the Scan2PDF program interface out, you start the scanning process. Scan2PDF digitizes the data selected by you or documents and converts them into paperless PDF format. So, you can quickly prepare individual sheets for a shipping. But this digital photo Copier offers further functions you, which could prove to be useful. So, you have the ability to add one or more images to the template with Scan2PDF scanned. Well, you can link multiple documents to a single PDF file with Scan2PDF and thus accelerate the shipping.

While the benefits of paperless PDF documents retained by Scan2PDF of course. The documents are read-only and suitable as well for the electronic delivery. Scan2PDF is also able to you create backup copies of documents. Scan2PDF is very easy to understand in its operation. The program works very fast and stable. If you regularly send documents by E-Mail, Scan2PDF is a very good support for these operations.

If you want to try Scan2PDF, you can now click on the download button. Appear on your screen the statements which the installation steps are necessary. You follow these instructions and the installation will be quickly settled. The software is available for free download and unlimited use. It is a software that requires little storage space and therefore not burdened your system. Now you are able to convert any documents into paperless PDF format and to send read-only.

The functions of Scan2PDF

• Easy installation
• User friendly interface
• Conversion of data or documents
• Add images possible
• Combine multiple documents
• Free full version

System requirements and download

Scan2PDF is designed for the Windows operating systems Windows 98 and 98 SE, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista. The size of the download file for the free full version of the program is only 1.1 megabytes and represents no load. The download is complete within a few minutes.

Description of the version: Scan2PDF

With the software Scan2PDF you can save easily direct your scanned documents in PDF format, the program works like a digital photocopier. Using the previews you can optimally control the entire operation. Also Scan2PDF enables you to scanned documents to add images and to combine multiple files into a PDF document. Scan2PDF is compatible with the operating systems Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

The most important to the software Scan2PDF soon:

• Store the scanned documents in PDF format.
• Optimum control while scanning through the preview indicator.
• Allows the insertion of image files.
• Fast and easy download.

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