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Santa Claus in trouble...again is an awesome animated 3D platforming n'run, which is all fun.



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Santa claus in trouble...again

A highlight is Santa-Claus-in - trouble again. Through various levels of difficulty, it is both for beginners and for experienced platform n' exciting runner. Task is the collection of gifts. As with all games of the genre you must also at Santa-Claus-in - trouble again through various levels jump and not only before run, in this case, as 3D-Santa and back, up and down, but additionally right and left. The jolly old man with a small bag is really super animated and liquid jumps over the paths, bridges and roads. Classic controlled using the arrow keys or WASD and the empty button. Gifts will be picked up automatically. At the touch of "Monsters" (or the "trouble" from Santa-Claus-in - trouble again), you lose a life and have to start at certain points in the game again, as if the time has expired. As a special gadget, an Internet highscore list available, where you can compare your performance with the by another Santa Claus-in-trouble again players around the world is for the full version.

The graphic design of Santa-Claus-in - trouble again succeeded in completely. The snow-covered winter landscapes and small towns are nice, Santa Claus is a little rotund man with seesaw, red pointy hat. The 3D animation is qualitatively well implemented and makes fluid and natural movements. The reaction time of Santa Claus in Santa-Claus-in - trouble again is realistically programmed, so the little guy does not immediately stop. Christmas music running in the background, so you just need to get into the Christmas spirit. To play the game in the summer, is looking forward to the winter and Santa Claus. Santa-Claus-in - trouble again for children is suitable due to the cute animation.

The demo version of Santa-Claus-in - trouble again is available for free download. Within a few minutes of fun with Santa can go off, a complete level becomes available then. The size of the file, 24.1 MB Santa-Claus-in-trouble again runs on all Windows systems from Win98 to Windows seven. The minimum requirement to the processor is 450 Hz, 128 MB should be available.

Advantages of Santa-Claus-in - trouble again:

• Brilliant animation
• Freeware demo version
• Easy to control
• Suitable for children
• Puts into the Christmas spirit
• Super graphics

Santa-Claus-in-trouble again is a successful successor of Santa Claus in trouble by 2002. Convinced again the wintry flashing and blinking graphic design, the also Santa-Claus-in-trouble again by other platformers n'runs apart.

Description of the version: Santa claus in trouble...again

As the title implies, Santa is once again in trouble. As a player, take you - as already in the first part - the role of Santa and gifts are trying to collect. With new enemies and surprising traps this is platform n' run game a race against time. Lie down on the stuff to the next by a total of 12 levels to play.

The most important innovations of Santa Claus in trouble...again

• 3 new and exciting episodes
• A total of 12 levels to play
• New traps and enemies
• Online chat Exchange in the Santa-fan world
• Many surprises

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