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Sandboxie creates security through an isolated virtual environment on your PC.



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Sandboxie is a virtual PC on your computer.

It simulates all functions of a Windows operating system and the installed hardware and behaves like a full PC. This program creates an isolated area on your hard drive and will not allow connections to your real system. So you can test within all of Sandboxie, what appears to you to be risky. Should be a risk indeed, show you just delete the entire contents of your sandbox and the danger that are going on. And completely without risk for your actual installation.

Sandboxie can do even more, but you can run your email client also within the virtual environment. This means that you have to worry no more because of suspicious email attachments, because these have no access to your real system. Everything within of Sandboxie in the virtual system. The same is true for browsing the Internet. When you run your browser within the virtual environment, no matter how contaminated website on your real system can be accessed. Trojans, viruses and spyware to stay out.

The control of the program via a control program. This starts like any other Windows program also from the Windows Start menu. If Sandboxie is active but does not open, it is displayed via an icon in the Windows information area (tray). You can then invoke the program via this icon. Another option is to call the Sandboxie context menu with the right mouse button. Then opening menu, you can perform different actions within of Sandboxie. These include the call to the Web browser or mail client within the virtual environment. Changes can be transferred to the live system if they cause no problems, or by programs within the sandbox. There are the recovery function, which for example within transmits documents stored in the structure of your live system of Sandboxie.

Features of Sandboxie and system requirements

• creates virtual environment
• Securely test applications and settings
completely delete risky data •
• Trial version available
• 32 - bit and 64-bit operating systems
• Win 2000, XP, 2003 server, Vista, Windows 7

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Sandboxie is a development by Ronen Tzur, which since 2004 has developed the software and constantly maintains. The development is carried out under close user involvement, which can report problems via a forum and follow the development. Sandboxie has already received a number of awards from leading online and download portals.

Description of the version: Sandboxie

Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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