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Samsung Pebble synchronized your Samsung cell phone with your computer.



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Samsung Kies

Easy sync of your data with the computer.

With the Samsung Pebble you can your calendar, E-mail, contacts, pictures, etc your Samsung phone synchronize with the computer. And this is super easy with Samsung Pebble. Both your computer and your phone so getting the current state of the data and nothing more is lost. Drag & drop, you can move any data on your device.

All apps from the Samsung app store can be also casual transferred from the PC to your mobile phone. With Samsung you can do various procedures faster and more convenient gravel. Who calls his own a Samsung mobile phone, get around hardly this software.

Description of the version: Samsung Kies

Samsung Pebble sync your Samsung phone with your computer and is free of charge. If you are a user of Samsung mobile phones, this version is a must for you to work easily with mobile and PC and have always matched the same data.

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