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The Samsung Galaxy tab - manual provides comprehensive and detailed information about the Galaxy tab.



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Samsung Galaxy Tab - Handbuch

The Samsung Galaxy tab - manual is the official user manual for the Samsung Galaxy tab. All features and applications of the Galaxy tab are explained extensively and in detail on 81 pages.

You can read all the features and applications of your Samsung Galaxy tab with detailed instructions. The Samsung Galaxy tab - manual 81 pages is strong and in PDF format. To be able to look at it, you need Adobe Reader or a similar program. On the first few pages of the manual, you will find explanations of the symbols and all information about the commissioning of your tabs, such as the charging of the battery and the insertion of SIM and memory cards. On the next pages you will receive information about the Internet features and settings and the communication applications, such as E-Mail, messages and phone. You can find information about the music and video applications and the camera under "Entertainment", and all contacts, calendar and memo under "Personal information". Under the point "Connections" you can read everything to set up PC connections, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc. You are interested in the Extras, you'll find it at the end of the manual. In the last chapter, you will find all the information about the General settings of the Samsung Galaxy tab, such as the sounds, the display settings or the language. On the last pages you can read the safety instructions and where you can get help with problems. To find solutions to a given problem, you can enter the appropriate term in the search box of your PDF reader, the Samsung Galaxy tab - guide will then search and you will receive all important information.

The Samsung Galaxy tab running Android operating system is the first Tablet PC from the House of Samsung and strongest competition to the Apple iPad. By default it is only supplied with a quick start guide, the Samsung Galaxy tab - guide provides more detailed information.

Description of the version: Samsung Galaxy Tab - Handbuch

The official Samsung Galaxy tab - guide is available in German language as well. On 81 pages, you will find a full and detailed information on the establishment and commissioning of the Samsung Galaxy tab, to the various setting options and explanations of the various features and applications. You will receive warnings and advice and assistance to problems and errors. The user's Guide is provided to you in PDF format. You can save it on your computer and look at any time if necessary.

The Samsung Galaxy tab - manual version 1.0

• Information on commissioning
• Information about the different ways of setting
• Safety instructions
• Information about the functions and applications
• E-book in PDF format
• Advice and assistance with problems

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