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Samplitude 11 is a professional software suite for recording studios and sound engineer.



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At first glance, Samplitude 11 as one in a series of digital audio workstations (DAWs) may seem you that together represent the top field of computerised Studio technology. Samplitude 11 but why is a really serious competitor for "Cubase", "Per tools" and co., reveals itself when you look at the features of the software.

Among the salient features of Samplitude 11, that the program not only audio workstations, but also on traditional desktop PCs and notebooks is run. Samplitude 11 is a solution for you even if you you at home want to deal with the topic of audio production. You must not forgo quality also in the standard version, for performance remains crucial to the concept of software. You can create up to 128 audio tracks with Samplitude 11 and maximum 64 buses are at a sampling rate of up to 384 kHz. The novel comes in particular compute complex functions "hybrid audio engine" as a middle ground between "Low-" and "High Latency Engine" include prohibitions of Samplitude 11 allows live monitoring with limited in - / output delay. Particularly innovative: You can edit your projects with Samplitude 11 at the object level. This means that you can move the cut audio material as objects within the audio tracks in segments. All objects can be edited at any time separately with effects or fades. Samplitude 11 components "essentialFX", "sMax11" and "EQ116" are for an extensive effect suite, a mastering tool and a powerful Equalizer available.

If you want to play a no analog instruments, you can try yourself on the new VST components of Samplitude 11. A synthesizer and a high-quality drum machines available, which give a natural sound synthetic productions stand next to the instrument collection "Vita" with "Revolta 2" and "Beatbox 2".

Some features of Samplitude 11:

• 128 Audio tracks
• 128 MIDI tracks
• Sample rate up to 348 kHz
• up to 16 plug-in the per track or bus
• 32-Bit floating point audio engine
• Multicore support

What else might be interested

Samplitude 11 is available as a free trial version and allows you access to the most important components of the suite for 30 days. The Vita collection of instruments, as well as some other components of the full version are not included though, but worth a look at this Allroundssoftware in any case. Samplitude 11 as an introduction into the professional Studio software is certainly a good choice.

Description of the version: Samplitude

The current version of Samplitude offers you some very interesting and useful new features. There is now a revised user interface with two so-called skins which produce a colour contrast and more elegant look. The toolbars and the Audioquantisierungs Wizard can now you in the project surface any pair and move. You can experiment with the new VST instruments even more with your generated or the archived sounds.

The most important innovations in the current version of Samplitude

• Optimized workflow functions
• Improvement to the user interface
• Object-oriented editing of sounds possible
• Revised function for the cleanup of sound runs
• New VST instruments for more options

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