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With the full version: Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln must that you will experience again a skurilles adventure.



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Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln Must Die

As a fan of Sam and Max, you will by the full version: Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln must that be. As always, cool sayings await, and the dry humour and ESPRIT, the unequal duo sprayed, be punished also your funny bone. If you don't know the duo, you belong at soon the large fan base.

If you do not know the series, then you meet briefly the two main actors. There are Sam and Max. While Sam is a dog with human characteristics, it is 'Something' at Max to a rabbit-like. The characters are totally contradictory. His hyperactivity and the violence are special features of Max. Sam is the head of the duo and his Fedora hat is easy to detect.

The action of the full version: Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln must is relatively easy. One day the news that the President of the United States of America wants to legislate meaningless reached Sam and Max. Prescribed by law such as group reading or a pudding embargo should be. This proposed State regulations allow genuine doubts on the mental competency of the President. Sam and Max make immediately the way in the capital of the country, to find the cause of this mess. Your task in the full version: Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln must that is there to prevent the President to carry out his planned laws. In best way, Max and Sam will solve this problem with your help. Max's oblique and creative ideas will make you laugh, and of course these unconventional measures also lead to the success of the mission. In the solution of the puzzle you will need to exert quite your brain. However the two successful criminal hunters are helpful to the page. Get ready to save the world from the conspiracy of evil. With wit, charm, ESPRIT and unconventional methods succeed in this part, to prevent the reign of evil and save the world.

The laced with dry humor and witty dialogues of the two detectives are in the full version: Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln must that a true firework of inspiration for you. You can then also deliberately use many of these sayings in everyday communication with your friends.

Description of the version: Sam & Max - Abe Lincoln Must Die

The series is to the two dissimilar detectives Sam and Max to a comic book, developed in 1987 by Steven Purcell. The animated series inspired many audience, the various police films and their main character parodied in it. The animal duo was then six years later to the computer game. It is characteristic that the game consists of various episodes. Since 2007 the 4th episode offered Abe Lincoln must the free download by the developer telltale.

System requirements and general information

• at least Windows XP or 2000
• Processor with 1,5 GHz
• 3D graphics card with 32 MB
• 16 Bit sound card
• 256 MB RAM
• free download

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