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Salery is a useful little program to design your own online shops.



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To give an individual and expressive appearance to your online shop, you can use the Salery. If your Web store within your homepage resides, Salery provides you with the ability to make updates, without having to rely on a separate FTP software. Thus, Salery is a very good application for smaller online shops, which you want to generate and manage as an operator itself.

Salery are an English and a Spanish version available. To exploit the resources of the programme, English language skills are beneficial. Salery user interface is very user friendly and many of the applications themselves agree even if you can translate each of the English words right off the bat. There are many design possibilities with Salery. You can make free wallpapers, to insert graphics and texts. In the the shop pages that you create with this program, is soberly and clearly structured. You have the opportunity to each article you can, adjust with a photo to deposit more detailed descriptions in Salery. The manufacturers offer the possibility to look at shop pages, created with Salery, and so you can get some additional ideas.

A trial version for free download is available on the Internet. With this unregistered version of Salery, you can set only the first item in your Web shop online. If you want to use the full version, a paid registration is required. As payment methods, the manufacturer accepts credit cards or a PayPal account. With the purchase of a license by Salery, you are automatically eligible to receive further updates free of charge. You can now download the trial version on your computer by clicking on the button "Download". The installation instructions are displayed in English.

The functions of Salery

• own design
• Paying full version
• Trial version free of charge
• is available in English and Spanish available
• carry out updates
• best for small online shops

System requirements and download

Salery corresponds with the following operating systems: Mac OS X, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Linux. On the manufacturer's website, information is available on what terms, versions for other operating systems are available. You need only a free 3 megabyte disk of hard to work with this program. So, your system resources are not strained.

Description of the version: Salery

The latest version of Salery features automatic creation of online stores. If you have a website, you can upload the Web store automatically without extra FTP program. The creation of Web shops also in Spanish or English, is new. In the test version of the software you upload only an item on your Web shop, in the full version, you can upload the entire shop.

The main features of Salery in version 1.16

• Automatically create your webshop.
• Upload the store to your website using the software.
• Create even Web shops in Spanish or English.
• Test the software with only a shop item.

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