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With the software Safari 5 for Windows, you can surf quickly and securely on the Internet.



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If you have downloaded Safari 5 for Windows, you will notice that the frame of the browser is only one pixel wide. The scroll bar is hidden and appear only when you need it. Upon request, you will be able to hide even the entire surface. Basically you can make invisible all distractions of the browser window in Safari 5 for Windows. Thus, you can enjoy the Internet without being disturbed. The built-in reader in Safari 5 for Windows relegated immediately illuminated advertising. Of course, you can also exhibit the reader with one click if you're interested in certain articles. The onscreen controls in Safari 5 for Windows enable you zooming, emailing and printing on a click. Also, you can change the text size on the sites any.

Safari 5 for Windows need you more individually click through your favorite sites. The top sites feature automatically carries a current list of your favorite Web sites. Top sites can show you up to 24 of your favorite websites. Also, you can search using the handy search function in Safari 5 for Windows sites that you have visited in the past times and now the address no longer remember. Safari 5 for Windows the pages in a cover flow shows you after entering the search term. Also, if you have a Web site, marked with a bookmark these sites in a cover flow are displayed. The sites look like on your last visit. You need to find only the correct preview, and with one click, you land on the site. A special highlight in Safari 5 for Windows is the WebKit. The WebKit supports not only display graphics, but also rendering of fonts, as well as the accurate determination of corresponding page layouts. In addition, that you can also interactively use the sites with WebKit.

The special function to private browsing in Safari 5 for Windows, you can surf quite carefree on the Internet. Browsing remains your private business. After enabling the feature, your websites will not be saved from Safari 5 for Windows. As well, the used software programs or files are not saved.

Features of Safari 5 for Windows

Safari reader
• WebKit
• Smart address field
• Setting for tabs
• Private browsing
• Onscreen controls

Background information on Safari 5 for Windows

The software Safari 5 has been developed by the American company Apple Inc.. Apple was founded in 1976 in California. In addition to the development of application software and Consumer Electronics develops and produces Apple computers and operating systems.

Description of the version: Safari

The version 5 of Apple's own browser Safari boasts some new features. He has a reader, which automatically recognizes article on Web pages and from these created a printable version, only with the relevant texts and accompanying pictures new. The search bar lets you choose between Google, Bing and Yahoo. The Nitro JavaScript engine also runs 30 percent faster than in the previous version. Various HTML-5 new features have been integrated.

Safari 5, even faster and more powerful

The new integrated reader automatically identifies • texts, articles, and the accompanying pictures
• Improved search bar with selectable search engines
• Nitro JavaScript engine runs 30% faster than in Safari 4

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