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Strategy and tactics in the action-packed battles are in demand in the action-shooter S4 League.



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S4 League

As a fan of action games, you will be thrilled by the team shooter S4 League. With this you can fight online against other players on the net. In this game, you will experience the events from the perspective of the main character. In combat, you fight with various weapons and numerous skills.

First, you get step by step explains the operation and the individual functions after the free download of the game S4 League. In the tutorial, that prepares you through various stages of the game, you will receive your first weapon. Your first task is to destroy the computer-controlled opponent thus. As a protection, you get an invisible shield that helps you optimally against the attack of the enemy. Another training point is a mode that is similar to the capture-the-flag games. Here you must try to meet the goal with a ball. Test so advance once your target security, because the ball is at his destination, the permit for you is finished. However you can complete the tutorial by S4 League more, then simply click on the exit button.

Have you successfully completed the tutorial, it is time for the right opponent. However, the human opponents are far smarter than the computer-controlled. They hide from you in many different places and above all where you least suspect it. It is now for you to be very careful. If you lose the first fight and die, then is not to end the game.

With the game S4 League you're fast and action-packed battles. The figures are shown in the manga. Your avatar can create yourself and carry it out with many different skills. Before you but crashes into the fray, you should equip yourself with suitable weapons. You can select three piece. As a smart player, take one for the melee, one for combat on the distance and of course a medium range. So you're well equipped. Your combat equipment is completed by a special skill such as, for example, flying. For the game S4 League you need not only a complete fighting equipment, but have to think out a corresponding strategy to defeat your opponent. Head, cleverness and tactics are your companions.

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Especially bugs were fixed. The fixes were integrated into the version.

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