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You can play Rummi online and offline. The rules about the tile Rummy game.



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Rummi is erroneously often called card game. If you look closely at the screen though, you realize that it is more tiles. The original name of the game is Rummikub. The term Rummi has prevailed now. You can download free Rummi you on the page.

The game Rummi consists of a total of 112 stones with the value from 1 to 13 in four different colors. You get fourteen stones that have you as quickly as possible to get rid, to win the game at the beginning of a game of Rummi. Your opponent (your PC) will receive the same number. Lay out you can play only if you score at one time at least a value of 30. You can insert a wild stone anywhere. You can exchange this Joker, if you have the stone was used by the Joker. Basically the Rummi game rules resemble the well-known card game very Rummy, except that here the cards were replaced by stones.

In the course of a game of Rummi, you may attach stones to existing combinations. It is also allowed to reconstruct an existing meld if you reused all existing elements. To give the game a special charm, the individual plays in the Rummi is usually with a time limit of 2 minutes. First succeed whom, to place all stones during a game, wins the game. The or the other players will get the values of stones, which they still own, recorded as minus points. The online version of Rummi, you can play many different variants. You have also the possibility to determine your own game variations about an editor and save. You can see how long you can play Rummi online or download, because, that is still running the game under Windows 95.

Variations of Rummi

• Playable online against real opponents
• After successful download offline to play against your own PC
• Game editor for your own game variations
• Rules and regulations like the Rummy game
• Simple graphics and low system requirements
• The downloadable shareware version for free

System requirements and download

Rummi runs under the operating systems Windows 95, 98, and 98SE as well as under Windows 2000, Windows ME and Windows XP. It is available in the Internet as shareware for download available. The download size is 2.64 megabytes just once and takes up so much storage space. On many platforms, you can play the game online against real opponents.

Description of the version: Rummi

With the game Rummi, you can play not only on your own computer, but also online against your friends of Rummi. The game is quickly learned. You will receive several bricks with coloured figures and have to try to play it as soon as possible. For a better overview, you can sort as the stones on your screen, as you want. You can choose different versions and play with different styles.

The most important functions of the game of Rummi

• Play against multiple computer opponents or online against your friends.
• Choose between different game versions.
• Choose the look of the tiles.
• Employ various high scores.

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