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  • Windows 2.6.0 Beta

"RT Seven Lite" creates and modifies user-defined your Windows 7 installation DVD.



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  • Updated: 24.05.2011

RT Seven Lite

The Windows tool "RT Seven Lite" allows you to customize your installation disc for Windows 7. Burn a personalized installation disk with important programs, your background images or other files.

The Windows tool "RT Seven Lite" freeware reads your original Windows 7 installation disc and takes over your personal adjustments. After "RT Seven Lite" to either create an ISO image of your present operating system including the individual components (which you can burn on a DVD) or created desktop wallpapers on request a bootable DVD., important driver updates, as well as individual programs are processed in addition to the standard installation tools. So, you can design your own personal installation disk with "RT Seven Lite" and play on each other from any PC. However you must lie above your original Windows 7 installation disc to run have. The functions of "RT Seven Lite" are practical especially for the transfer and the integration of already downloaded updates. With the tool you can include problem-free it in the origin disk. So the same updates again incurred during a new installation of the operating system, since they are installed immediately. This increases the security of your computer for reinstallation necessary. In addition to the updates you can install also your already integrated driver from "RT Seven Lite".

With the help of "RT Seven Lite" you can create an installation DVD adapted to personal needs you for your operating system (Windows 7). Therefore, you need to set your desired settings only once and can then install any number of times and just you.

Rockers team is in German language throughout the freeware of the author. "RT Seven Lite" has a file size of 26.8 MByte.

Description of the version: RT Seven Lite

The version 2.6.0 beta of free Windows tool "RT Seven Lite" allows a modified copy of your Windows 7 installation disc. In addition it allows the embedding of the release candidate of the original Windows 7 Service Pack. The redesigned interface simplifies the user experience. Although the size of the program has been optimized, you'll notice that your graphic drivers of types of are better supported by the new version. System requirements for "RT Seven Lite": 32 - bit or 64-bit Windows 7, Windows Vista or Windows Server 2008 systems.

Security and optimization of installation: "RT seven Lite"

• Free Windows tool freeware download
• Improves the security of your new installation
• Allows the integration of critical updates and drivers
• Simplifies necessary new installations

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