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With RSSOwl, you can display unlimited news via RSS, and you can sort according to your wishes.



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RSSOwl automatically collects the messages of other Web pages and displays them open then using many different categories. The sources that are used, you can choose yourself here and freely expand at any time, or cut. The only requirement, need to get with it, is that the source Web page provides an RSS file for your messages. At least in the larger pages this is standard now, so you therefore not to worry you bauchst. Did you then choose a page, that you want to add to RSSOwl, you simply enter the URL of the Web page in RSSOwl and already you can get all the news directly to your RSS newsreader.

To keep track, you can display individual news pages in tabs in RSSOwl in addition to the categories that are automatically generated. So you can for example quickly an overview of the most important messages you. A specific message you're interested in, you can use the browser in RSSOwl to arrive on the source website, and to read more about it. As well you can group certain news according to your criteria, for example to date, and so on to categorize author. In the "newspaper view", you can display the contents of a single news feeds in RSSOwl with the integrated browser to leave and so individual entries including the mark as read. Another feature of RSSOwl is searching for specific keywords, which helps you find messages to a specific, chosen by friends theme. Vice versa you can associate each message even keywords so easy to find the news and sort into categories chosen by you. Also you can create your own folders, with which you can save important messages. You want to forward messages once, also in RSSOwl is no problem, because with a mouse click, you can send messages to all your friends.

Overall, you can subscribe to more than 225 feeds in RSSOwl and split into up to 30 categories. Thanks to the full-text search, you can quickly find messages, and can save it in your archive. In addition, RSSOwl supports since v2 of even podcasts.

An overview of functions of RSSOwl:

• News in tabs display
• Integrated browser
• Own categorizations
• Search function
• Support for podcasts
• Store news

Background information:

RSSOwl is based on the Java and is a space-saving and this handy program with a file size of 3,7MB.

Description of the version: RSSOwl

The newsreader RSSOwl version 2.0.6 is now the message processing, organization and updating for you easier and more manageable on a compelling user experience. Some new features have been integrated in the latest version of RSSOwl, among others you can now import reader files via the Google. Also, the update feature has been improved so that updates to the program or the feeds can go easier and faster.

The most important changes of RSSOwl version 2.0.6

• New tools and functions
• Can be imported also through the Google Reader news
• Update function improved
• Have been largely fixed errors and bugs of previous versions

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