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With Royale remixed theme 1.47 you can your PC immediately miss a new look!



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  • Updated: 25.10.2013

Royale Remixed Theme

If you want more design options for your PC, you're with the Royale remixed theme 1.47 very well served. The download is very easy. The UXTheme Multi Patcher is installed first, then can the Royale remixed theme 1.47 be downloaded directly. Appears in the section settings the Royale remixed theme 1.47 then in addition to the usual Windows themes in three different shades. The Royale remixed 1.47 theme is available only on the Windows operating systems.

You can with Royale remixed theme 1.47 whim between versions "Royale remixed" in black, "Royale" in blue and the execution of select "Royale Zune". A later Exchange or the return to the original Windows theme is with the Royale remixed theme 1.47 no problem. In the "Settings" area, you can continue to find the preloaded themes on your computer. The Royale remixed 1.47 theme can be used together with an individual desktop. With personal pictures, holiday memories or fine art photography is created so a very personal design of the entire PC that adapts flexibly to the preferences of the user.

The complete design of the Royale remixed 1.47 theme is very noble, simple and at the same time modern. It goes well with all sorts of screen backgrounds and includes the new Vista icons. The design covers all areas of the desktop. If the installation was successful and the favorite color in the Royale remixed 1.47 theme was chosen, all dialog boxes, menus, Windows and icons will appear automatically in the new design. Who would simply have it all along the line, you can choose a solid color wallpaper as a complement rather than a photo.

The benefits of Royale remixed theme 1.47 at a glance

• Easy installation
• Three different color styles to choose
• Return to the original design is possible
• Vista icons are included
• No costs
• Switching between the colors is unlimited

The idea and history of Royale remixed theme 1.47

The Royale remixed 1.47 theme has been designed and programmed to offer you a beautiful, free alternative to the standard Windows themes as Windows users. This focused on high reliability and ease of use. Different versions have been created in the course of time. All three convince through simple, elegant design and are being continuously developed and adapted to the latest versions of Windows.

Description of the version: Royale Remixed Theme

With the current version of the Royale remixed theme your Windows XP Gets an even more elegant appearance. The theme wraps up your screen in shiny black or blue and ensures a harmonious appearance of your computer in the new version. In addition to the modified color scheme, matching icons and symbols are installed. Thus leave nothing to be desired, and with three different versions right is definitely for you.

Functions of the version of the Royale remixed 1.47 theme

• installed a complete theme
• elegant appearance in blue or black
• new and appropriate icons and symbols
• runs on Windows XP

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