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Remote control of the own router at home goes with the free program Routercontrol\r.



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Böer\r did you from anywhere in the world access to your router and settings. The DynDNS service can help you to gain access to your router. Both are free of charge.

If you have a home network, which has mostly a router. This provides not always the wealth of functions that is so moving. Since then most of the time only programs from other manufacturers can help. Böer\r attaches at the site and provides you with all the information you need. In addition, the program provides you even more useful functions that you can use.

Böer\r gives you a Jack of all trades on your PC. The program can display you whether your router is ever online and like your IP - both the internal and the external. You also have the possibility of your router remotely zuwarten. This is relatively easy. You need to get you just a DynDNS account. This is relatively easy, and then acts as a fixed IP address. Can you access at any time on your router using this fixed IP address, egalwie is often your external IP changes. Once accessed via DynDNS on Böer\r you can disconnect with the program or read all the information you need. Also, you may have by Böer\r in conjunction with the SMS service SMS send in which you previously have to sign up, you who always notifies you as soon as your provider short separates you from the network and assigns you a new IP.

Currently, Böer\r provides access only to routers that use a Web-based interface. This is because Telnet router is too unstable and thus represent a security vulnerability. On the homepage of the programmer, you will find a list of supported routers.

Description of the version: RouterControl

In its current version, Böer\r has some good features for the user. With simple remote access, you can gain access to his own router by using the portal and important adjustments, or information. Also you can get by using an SMS service by Böer\r send an SMS, a saying that your IP has changed. All-round Böer\r is constantly adjusted and error be improved continuously.

Useful features of the software Böer\r

• SMS notification when new IP address
• Remote maintenance of the own router via
• Improved many error continues and the software runs a little more stable

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