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With the room Planner tool Roomeon you leaves nothing to chance with the decor of your room.



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With Roomeon, you can virtually set your new apartment or your room and detailed plan any alteration - this you simply enter the required dimensions, and you're ready to go.

Where the decor of your room could be to take the gamble, gone - with Roomeon, the free room Planner tool, can you already set every little detail in advance and consider in more sophisticated graphics. To do this you have to enter only the mass of the respective area, and already you can start setting up. The plan created by Roomeon is represented in three dimensions so that you get a spatial impression from your future room. You can fill the space with any number of furniture and other objects - to draw the images from a gallery via drag-and-drop method in the 3D-Zimmer and there place they desire. The furnishings are loaded directly from the Internet and displayed with the manufacturer's name.

Is controlled through the virtual space using the keyboard with the mouse wheel, you activate the zoom function, with the right mouse button, you change the viewing angle. To get a comprehensive impression of the room, you navigate in first-person, to put the furniture exactly, do you change in the bird's eye view. Roomeon contains additional lighting and shadow effects, which make the appearance of the rooms even more realistic - in this way will help you not only in selecting the correct measurements of your future set up the program, but are also useful pointers of regarding suitable colors and shapes. In spite of the many features of Roomeon, the program also by beginners can be relatively easy to operate.

Description of the version: Roomeon

The current Roomeon version 1.0 was significantly improved compared to its predecessor and expands. The entire interface was redesigned, with the new search function you can find now even faster the desired pieces of furniture and accessories. The integration of point and spot light source has been greatly expanded, even the outside light can now be modified to test the effect of the space depending on the specific time of day. The General program stability has been increased as well as the speed.

Roomeon 1.0 offers these new features and enhancements

• Completely revised user interface
• New search function simplifies finding objects
• Enhanced integration of light sources including sunlight
• Improved stability and speed of the program

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