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Room arranger allows individual spatial planning in a user-friendly interface.



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Room Arranger

Using the room arranger, you can create new projects and save, so he offers you the opportunity to work on several projects at the same time. Existing projects, you can connect to each other and insert designed rooms in the current project. Simply print out the completed project and for the actual implementation of spatial planning using as a model - so the room arranger makes friends easily.

Room walls move, break through walls to increase space, insert new floors - all the promises you when planning your space of room arranger. Room arranger has a variety of furnishing for all types of rooms - beds, chairs, refrigerators, televisions and many more. And of course your creativity also not neglected. So you are not only the standard furniture, but the room arranger offers many accessories to decorate your room in a very personal style. The size of each object, you can individually set and adapt to the conditions. Thanks to the possibility of the label, you know at any time where you put what object for any purpose. Plan not only your home, but also the private garden, Office and many other rooms with the room arranger.

To see whether your facility and room planning matches your needs, you can look at your project in 3D with the room arranger. Look at whether the lamp actually fits to the remaining furniture or the desk seems slightly too big in the small room. Also the color choice that you can make with the room arranger for the walls and floors, as well as for each object individually is important for the institution. If once a particular object in the room arranger catalog missing, you can download at any time this from an online catalog.

That gives you the room arranger:

• Set to scale up your home, your room or your Office.
• Decorate your room with plants, pictures and lamps.
• Choose the right colour for your Einrichtunug.
• Attach objects in your object library.
Your planning view close to reality • with the 3D viewer.
• Plan individual rooms and connect it to a common project.

About the room arranger

The planning software room arranger was 2010 designed and translated into different languages, so that a multilingual application is possible. The 30-day trial version of the software allows unrestricted use during this period. On the Internet, you will get the manual for the room Arranger to precisely customize your project to your own needs.

Description of the version: Room Arranger

The current version of room arranger features some innovations, which are very useful and easier to work with the application. You have now, for example the possibilities through a search bar on the home page to find specific tools or project applications. The dimension lines in print preview, you can now directly edit and move and establish individual links to the library.

The most important innovations in the current version of room arranger

• Create links to the library on surface
Edit individual items together •
• User interface with new colors
• Dimension lines in the side view can be moved

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