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Quickly detect of malicious processes – then they are finished.



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The free tool RogueKiller is dangerous processes in the system and stops it.

Not always knowing what is happening to everything in the background on your computer. Processes are most run, that it doesn't even know, sometimes they can do evil.

The RogueKiller is it your friend and perhaps also soon Assistant. Started as an administrator the free program takes up his work and scans running processes. Once the scan has been completed or terminated, you will receive a complete list of the processes found.

Flash can be seen if unclean processes are running.

Stop applications that have no good intentions, all love to the RogueKiller. Here the following tip can help: Rename winlogon.exe and start again.

Description of the version: RogueKiller

A free program, RogueKiller is quickly malicious processes and stop them. Recommended.

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