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RocketDock brings the stylish and innovative Mac taskbar on your Windows desktop.



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  • Updated: 22.06.2011


The Mac operating system and Windows are not particularly well - understand not only in advertising. With gadgets like RocketDock you can the advantages of both systems combine but, for example, the taskbar.

Many experts claim that Mac brought more culture in the software industry than the old versions of Windows. A contribution to this was the animated and practical taskbar, where you can simply click through any program or folder and tile beautiful open. The Windows taskbar offers advantages in contrast, sure, but many Windows users appreciate the innovative design and practical functions of the Mac-components, even if they do not want on your Windows. RocketDock brings the Mac taskbar on your computer completely uncomplicated and in original optics.

You can place on any edge of your screen RocketDock, depending on the space and desktop sharing, this variable arrangement is not possible with the Windows taskbar. Another special feature of the Mac taskbar RocketDock is the zoom or the highlighting of the selected folder. This stylish effect has also been integrated, also you can adjust the zoom delay and size at will. Other setting possibilities and variations of RocketDock taskbar available stand you, so that you can properly update your desktop and in the Windows have the cool Mac OS effects.

After installing RocketDock automatically inserts the Recycle Bin and my documents as a subfolder in the system tray. You can at any time remove folder or add new directories, but beware: the order can be quickly pretty cluttered with too many folders. Therefore you should limit you only to important and frequently used links.

Description of the version: RocketDock

The latest version 1.3.5 of RocketDock offers some improvements, which you can use to better use the stylish Mac application to Windows. The setting options for the Mac taskbar have been further optimized and added several features, so the taskbar RocketDock is even more similar to the original. Still, some errors that had infiltrated in the previous versions, culled, so the bar is liquid and can be operated without annoying and pesky earrings.

The most important innovations of RocketDock version 1.3.5

• New features and even more options for the taskbar
• Modified design which resembles the original even more
• Fixed error of in previous releases

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