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Robocopy GUI is a user interface for the commandline-back-up software Robocopy.



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Robocopy GUI

The software Robocopy GUI gives you a user interface for the Robocopy command line program. This back-up program can be operated normally difficult, what is easier with the surface.

Robocopy is a back-up software, which is to operate under Windows Vista only via the command line and is therefore only for pros worthwhile. Robocopy GUI user interface, you can use this program now and copy all the data. Also from all directories you put a security copy. Because the actual software just by using certain shortcut is to use the help of Robocopy GUI explains all the commands and their effect. The software can be used on other operating systems and is so universal to use.

In addition to the controlled back-ups, Robocopy GUI dominated also automatic sequences and time-controlled copies of your files. You choose yourself which files and directories to be copied and simply exclude certain file extensions. You choose the maximum network load with the program. Robocopy GUI requires itself not much capacity and can copy files even just opened. Robocopy GUI interface has a wide variety of configuration options, which you just specify all copy operations.

The software Robocopy GUI was developed out of the idea to create a user interface for the existing command line software Robocopy. Thus was greatly simplifies the operation and even the most inexperienced users can handle it. The program itself is indeed not self-explanatory, but with the help you receive all necessary instructions for use. You easily create back-ups of all desired files and save the duplicates in a desired place to protect them before deleting.

Description of the version: Robocopy GUI

With the latest version of Robocopy GUI, you will receive a user interface of command line back-up programme Robocopy. Now also on other Windows operating systems, you can use this not only on Vista. With the application, you can also create scripts that include your previous settings. When copying, you gotta start so not always from the front. Except for the actual file contents, Robocopy cannot copy now also the structural data of a file and applying it as an empty file. Thus, you get faster access to files.

The most important functions in Robocopy GUI 3.1

• User interface for the software Robocopy
• Support of other Windows operating systems
• Scripts for storing settings
• Copy of structure data from files
• Creating empty files for faster access

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