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Flash is one of the standards in the Internet and Riva FLV Encoder helps you keep pace.



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Riva FLV Encoder

The Riva FLV encoder is a Videkonverter, with which you're capable of, each of your videos in a version of FLV - Flash format - to convert video, which then easily can be played on the Internet.

Flash has established itself in recent years as a no longer essential standard in the Internet, even if some firms still hard fight back. The Flash format FLV is not only extremely space-saving, but now can be read by almost any player. With Riva FLV encoder you make playing just fits this development and your videos are Flash-ready. Thus the world is open you, where your videos have a maximum compatibility and can be watched by anyone.

Riva FLV does encoder basically not much more than to convert your videos to FLV format, so that they gain a maximum range and can easily be integrated into Web pages in the Internet. Most of the popular video formats can be read by Riva and converted. The workflow is simple: select the source file and upload to the Riva FLV encoder, check the settings for resolution, frame rate, and specify a target directory - that was already there. Who wants to go slightly further in the matter, can configure the frame settings - the so-called padding - and deinterlace.

To install Riva FLV encoder, you need either Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Me or Windows XP. The program is entirely in German and need no five megabytes on the hard drive. Try the free program today and you adjust the fast-moving Internet progress. Flash no one passes over today and with Riva FLV encoder is also no insurmountable hurdle the format.

Description of the version: Riva FLV Encoder

Who wants to see his videos on the Internet, no longer coming up the Flash standard. Hardly another format is so compact and so greatly spread the FLV format - the so-called Flash-video format. The Riva FLV encoder help you to present your videos and clips of the world in which the program in a fast and uncomplicated way converts movies into FLV format. The program is completely German and the current version contains several bugfixes and meaningful improvements.

This gives you the current version of Riva FLV encoder:

• Convert your videos to Flash format FLV
• Riva FLV encoder supports the most popular video formats
• Completely in German
• Easy, fast, and with various setting options

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