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Risk - the classic computer games, and compete against other players for world domination.



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Risk approaches very close to the Board game template, so that every risk fan also at risk will come fully at its own expense. Playing on a virtual world map, which offers a very loving and detailed design. The perfect place to conquer the world! Great quality, strategists will have here as much fun as in the conventional game. And the advantage: risk you can play online against your friends or against the computer.

The goal of risk is to adopt the rule over the whole world, or to comply with certain orders, such as the conquest of individual continents or defeating other players. To win the fight against the fellow, you have to challenge them. Then the dice decides, and the weaker must abandon the country the stronger. But only if you have a good plan and great strategic skill, can become a great conqueror!

Risk: the risk of the future. The classic computer games and benefit from the advantages of modern times. It is not big build at risk, but just to start the game, and go fight for domination over the world. And if you need a creative break, you can simply cache risk, once they took new courage, again take up the fight. Because every great discovery has caught once small, you can first practice you worse computer opponents at risk until you cross the arms with tougher calibers. And: who needs some variety, can easily change the background design, risk and conquer the Roman Empire or the London subway, for example.

So, you'll risk professional:

• Download you, immediately, in the online game of risk
• Quite often practice against the computer
• Challenge your friends to the Kampt
• Hedge out plans of world conquest
• Complete secret missions
• Defeat your enemies and occupied their countries

The background to the game:

The submission of risk, the Board game risk was invented by French film director Albert Lamorisse in 1950. It became classic board game to one of the largest par excellence, which has been translated into numerous languages and enjoys steadily popular. What is special about risk and risk today is that the balanced mix of action, strategic skill and luck can inspire many people and fascinate. It not only comes to play a war, but a sophisticated and exciting mission. Through clever toys and much luck of the dice will to conquer country by country, and come ever closer to world domination.

Description of the version: Risk

Risk is the online version of the popular board game risk. The new version has some improvements in the course of the game and ensures more stability. The game is similar to the Board game, but sent is complemented by digital effects. So you can play over the Internet against real opponents or corresponding PC opponents, and if the map of the known world's too boring, they replace through the Roman Empire or the London underground.

Functions of risk in the current version

• Online version of the Board game risk
• Play opponents over the Internet against real or PC
• Many digital effects
• Many other cards available

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