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RichCopy is a real relief when copying and thus helps in securing data.



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Copy operations are an integral part of the work with the computer, and long waiting times can this pretty annoying. But with RichCopy belong to exactly these waiting periods of the past.

The tool RichCopy developed by employees of the company Microsoft is namely used as efficiently as possible to make copies on the local PC. You've experienced it yourself already: If you need to transfer many files over a slow connection, this can take seemingly endless. But with RichCopy, there is now a solution to this problem. This small, but fine program copes even with disconnected copy operations. This is very useful, if for example, a network connection is interrupted unexpectedly. RichCopy can change various attributes or unaddressed, the software is so according to your wishes. In addition, you can create special rules for copy operations.

RichCopy offers so much more functionality than that in all Windows operating systems integrated copy & paste function. That it is freeware published in the year 2001 for the first time one of the most downloaded tools at all, shows RichCopy for many computer users is as indispensable. As the successor to the programme of RoboCopy is a real helper when the backup. Determined you know from personal experience how important is data backup. A paper or a paper for school or for the study or even a presentation of the work could be away suddenly, if the PC no longer works and the data is not backed up. Boundless confidence in the hardware is not unfortunately even with the best and most expensive PC.

Description of the version: RichCopy

The program RichCopy is a real helper when securing data in the current version 4.0. With the free Microsoft tool available for the operating systems Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista, you can make copy operations now even more efficient and significantly speed up the operations as such. The software available in English also cope with discontiguous copying, which can be a real benefit in particular in the use of unstable network connections.

Some information about RichCopy 4.0 version

• Cope with discontiguous copying program
• Completely free software
• Most frequently loaded down by all the Microsoft tools
• Available for Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista

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