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The recipe finder 1.1 offers the creation of recipes and weekly plans and gives important tips.



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The recipe finder 1.1 offers you a free collection of recipes and baking instructions. 15 Cooking and baking instructions are included in the recipe finder 1.1 and you can simply add more of your favorite recipes. By using the convenient week plan, you can create your personal dining sequence for the next week. Write your own shopping plans for the respective recipes in our recipe finder 1.1 and forget any ingredients for the planned recipes. With lots of additional information in the recipe finder 1.1 guaranteed each dish succeed. With the cooking guide can you look on any useful tips and tricks to the most important applications of the kitchen and learn the tricks of professional chefs. With the cooking lexicon in the recipe finder 1.1, you will learn all the terms of the kitchen and the back craft. Thus, you can prove your friends that you control the kitchen.

With the supplied food table, you keep the nutritional information of different dishes in the views at any time. This enables you also, to create a diet plan and to implement this into practice with practical week plans. With the practical user interface you will find each function in the recipe finder 1.1 very easy. If you're happy in the kitchen and trying out various recipes, the recipe finder 1.1 definitely is right.

Here, you can free download the recipe finder 1.1 with us. Simply click on the download button to start downloading. The program is rather small with 16.1 MB and does not burden the speed of your computer at all, because it takes up little space on the hard disk. The version is entirely in German.

The main features of recipe finder 1.1:

• Manage your own collection of recipes
• Create shopping lists with just a few mouse clicks
• Write weekly plans for your planned meals
• Read important tips and advice for the kitchen
• Learn many kitchen items in the cooking encyclopedia
• Create diet plans with the food tables

The history of recipe finder 1.1:

The recipe finder 1.1 program was developed in May 2005 by the cooking magazine cooking and enjoy. The idea behind the software was to provide a basis for the own recipes readers, in which they could perpetuate their own ideas. Therefore, few ready-made recipes have been integrated since the beginning to allow users to add their own. Now the recipe finder 1.1 program is not developed anymore. However, it offers the ability to insert also the top current recipes.

Description of the version: Rezept-Finder

The new version 1.1 of the famous Recipe Finder gives you the ability to manage your recipes simple and straightforward. In addition, this new version already has its own cooking and baking instructions. You can at any time add to recipes in this version or delete. In addition, you can create your personal shopping list with the mouse. Or just create a whole week plan and shopping list. Many guides, tips and tricks for cooking and baking, as well as a table of food are available.

Functional overview of the recipe finder 1.1

• Management of recipes (adding and deleting recipes)
• Cooking and baking instructions exist.
• Weekly schedule put together
• Shopping list creation
• Cooking glossary, guides, tips and tricks for cooking and baking
• Food table

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